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Gooru Navigator - a GPS for Learning

  • Personalize learning using AI in your application for your users with your content
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  • Gooru Navigator available as a set of tools that can be white labeled and used with your content or a LearnBot which can be added to applications
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Gooru Navigator - a GPS for Learning

Gooru Navigator - a GPS for Learning

eLearning Solution Providers (eSP) that serve users across K12, HigherEd, Skills Training, and Professional Learning enhance user engagement, improve course completion rates, and accelerate outcomes by using AI to personalize learning. These in turn result in revenue growth. Gooru, a learning technology company, has developed Gooru Navigator – a “GPS for Learning.” Gooru Navigator uses AI to generate personalized pathways of learning activities to a learner’s goal, recommends nudges based on performance, and answers questions tailored to the specific learner. eSPs can also add Gooru Navigator to their application to bring AI-based personalized learning with their content for their users.

MyGooru LearnBot

Gooru Navigator includes the MyGooru LearnBot that customers can add to their LMS, LXP or eLearning applications to provide their users with contextualized and personalized learning. MyGooru can be immediately added to a customer’s application and provide nudges to learners and instructors based on the competency they are learning or teaching. MyGooru can subsequently be configured to aggregate all available data about users, content, and learning activities from the eLearning application, to generate a precise real-time understanding of the whole user and recommend pathways with curated premium, open, and generated content.

All data aggregated by MyGooru is owned by the customer. MyGooru is compliant with GDPR guidelines, SOC-2 compliant for data security, WCSG 2.1 compliant for accessibility.

Customers can optionally white label MyGooru and/or license the source code for Gooru Navigator when they choose to build their own AI for personalized learning.

MyGooru in 3rd Party Apps

MyNavigator Tools

Gooru Navigator includes MyNavigator Tools that provide personalized pathways to learners and recommendations of personalized intervention to all other stakeholders (instructors, leaders, mentors, curriculum developers, and IT admins). eSPs can immediately bring AI-based personalized pathways, nudges, and answers to any school or institution. With grades 2-12 English content for Math, Science, and English in MyNavigator aligned to the 50 US state standards and most popular international curricula, eSPs can immediately enable independent learning for their learners while instructors and others begin to use their tools to increasingly support their learners with personalized interventions.

MyNavigator for Learners

MyNavigator for Learners provides a GPS-like experience that guides students to their grade-level destination with activities appropriate to their unique knowledge, skills, and mindsets. It starts by understanding the learner, providing a personalized pathway of learning activities, and then providing nudges to the learner based on their performance until they get to their learning destination.

Learner Personalization Sequence

MyNavigator for Instructors

MyNavigator for Instructors enables instructors to monitor the progress of each learner and suggests personalized interventions for individual learners or cohorts. Navigator for Instructors includes a large variety of courses for core subjects (e.g. Math, Science, English, Data Science), Soft Skills, and SEL) using curated open and generated resources.

MyNavigator Insights

MyNavigator Insights provides real-time data to the institution leaders so they can coordinate and scale success.

MyNavigator for Mentors

MyNavigator for Mentors provides mentors and parents with real-time updates on their learner’s progress and gives them access to community support

MyNavigator Library

MyNavigator Library is a curated repository of premium, open, and generated content. Library also maintains competency models and crosswalks to local standards.

MyNavigator for Admins

MyNavigator for Admins enables IT administrators to configure the curriculum standards, establish the scope and sequence for every grade and subject, and roster learners and instructors

The Navigator Labs (NLabs) Advantage

Navigator Labs (NLabs), is a education technology research non-profit that has been working for over 12 years with researchers, educators, and other stakeholders in the learning ecosystem to bring the latest in learning, cognitive, behavioral, and data sciences into personalizing the learning for the students. NLabs has developed Navigated Learning (NL) technology that is a universal personalized learning technology. NL technology has been validated in 110 project implementations across K12, HigherEd, Skills Training and Professional Learning. Gooru has an exclusive partnership with NLabs where Gooru has access to innovations in learning research that it can leverage in Gooru Navigator. Gooru provides NLabs free use of Gooru Navigator for use in research and social impact projects.

NLabs Gooru

Why Gooru Navigator is Unique


Built on mathematics for personalized learning. Standards-aligned competency frameworks, polylines that mathematically represent dynamic learner profiles, and polyline algebra that computes routes based on profile and reroutes based on performance

Generative AI with a Learning Transformer

Developed Navigated Learning Transformer (NLT) that uses competency models, polyline representation of learners, and principles of learning to optimize the LLM for learning

Learning Science

All recommendations for learners and instructors are based on principles of learning.

Data Ownership

Customers own all of their data and AI models that Gooru develops using their data.


Instructors increase their productivity by up to 20% and Leaders use real-time insights to achieve their organization's goals

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