MyNavigator for Instructors

MyNavigator for Instructors helps instructors monitor their learners’ progress, engage the class with rich-media content, and provide Go Live Assessments for real-time updates. Using these data Gooru Navigator provides instructor with nudges to help learners achieve mastery.
Navigator for Instructors

Gooru Navigator provides progress and performance overviews of classes and detailed data dashboards with real-time data of the location of each learner so instructors can understand their learners, make data informed decisions, and personalize interventions. ‍


Gooru Navigator supports instructors with content for a wide-spectrum of learning activities - both premium and generated - for every competency, It also offers instructors detailed rubrics to score offline assignments, including discussions, projects, and proofs.


Gooru Navigator recommends learning activities - both premium and generated - to the Instructor for both individual and cohorts of learners based on their performance and preferences. Instructors can assign the suggested curated learning activities or their own activities to an individual, small groups, or the whole class. ‍

Go Live Assessments

Instructors can check learners’ understanding of topics with Gooru Navigator's Go Live Assessments feature to monitor how every learner in her cohort answers each question in real-time. Based on performance, it recommends instructors with nudges to either reteach the concept, set up peer support, or provide small-group instruction.

Math Navigator

Learn more about how Instructors are using Math Navigator to accelerate learning outcomes in Math.

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