MyNavigator for Mentors

Check on and support learners with real-time insights.
  • Realtime Data on Your Children/Mentees
  • Support Their Goals
  • Fill in the Gaps

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Support your children/mentees' learning on Gooru Navigator.

Link to your children/mentees’ accounts to view their learning in real time.

View their courses, classes, and a snapshot of their progress.

See what they are doing.

See where they are going.

Realtime Data on Your Children/Mentees

Check up on your children/mentees' progress, watch as they explore their learning, fill in their gaps, and take assessments that help build their knowledge.

Support Their Goals

Learn more about your children's interests, preferences, and needs. Make additional suggestions to guide them to their goals.

Fill in the Gaps

Every learner is unique. Gain access to in-depth information about your learner's competencies and support them as they fill in the gaps of their understanding.

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Give your kids/learners a GPS for learning

MyNavigator for Learners is a GPS for learning. It accurately locates the learner’s knowledge, skills, and mindsets and then constructs a personalized path to reach their learning goals. Each step of the way providing GPS-like guidance.

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GPS for Learning

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