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Content providers can develop new competency frameworks, crosswalk their standards to existing competency frameworks, and align existing curriculum to competencies. They can transform any curriculum into a Navigator lessons aligned to competencies, containing both offline and online learning activities to ensure learners have access to a full range of learning experiences.
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Gooru’s current library has over 2 million resources with more than 15 thousand collections and assessments, which is continually expanding. ‍


Navigator includes a rapidly growing competency framework that includes math, science, English language arts, social studies, and more. These competencies are crosswalked to state and national standards and content providers align and tag their existing curriculum to these competency frameworks.

Organize your Content

Your existing curriculum can be aligned to the competency framework to enable the navigation experience. You can then leverage a full spectrum of resources, activities and assessments to help your learners to gain proficiency.

Variety of Question Types

Navigator supports free-response questions, offline projects scored using rubrics, as well as multiple-choice, multiple answers, fill in the blank, drag and drop, and true or false questions.

Usage and Efficacy

Content providers can monitor the reach and efficacy of their curriculum with Navigator's real-time data dashboards. They gain insights into the type of user and context in which their curriculum is effectively used.

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Gooru and the collaborator community have the ambitious goal of mapping out all of human knowledge and making it openly available for anyone to use.
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