Gooru Navigator brings together the entire learning ecosystem to assure outcomes

Partners that provide eLearning solutions can bring generative-AI based personalized learning to their users by adding the MyGooru LearnBot into their mobile and web application. MyGooru is an AI-enabled LearnBot generally on the right-bottom of their application like chatbots, that suggests nudges to the users, answers their questions, and provides adaptive pathways to their learning destination. The MyGooru LearnBot can be added to any partner applications that could be for learners, instructors, and leaders.

Partners also include Implementers such as B2B Program partners who implement personalized learning with their content and for their cohorts. EdTech companies integrate MyGooru into their applications. Schools and Universities implement learning with their students.

Implementers bring MyGooru’s personalized learning to their cohorts to accelerate learning. Implementers earn revenues from their products and services to their cohorts.

Partners Benefit from Navigator's Personalization Technology

Partners can leverage Gooru Navigator’s tools and services to enhance their products and implementations for their cohorts. 

  • MyGooru continuously monitors a learners activities and performance to suggest nudges
  • Learners can ask questions ; Instructors can ask questions; and Leaders can ask questions
  • Learners can select learning destinations and MyGooru will provide an adaptive pathway of learning activities to fill all the gaps for the learner.

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